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Blake Ellis-2014ASHRAE is the world's foremost technical society in the fields of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC&R). ASHRAE's worldwide membership identifies needs, supports research and writes industry standards to improve the arts and sciences of the HVAC&R industry. ASHRAE has local chapters all over the world that are organized into fourteen regions. Our thirteen chapters have members representing all interests in the HVAC & R industry. You are invited to visit their websites and attend their chapter meetings, seminars and other related activities.

Region IX covers the area between the West Coast of the United States and the Plains. Our region is large and includes portions of the following States:  Colorado, Idaho, Iowa (western), Kansas, Minnesota (southwest), Missouri (western), Montana, Nebraska, Nevada (northeast), New Mexico, Oregon (southeast), South Dakota, Texas (western), Utah and Wyoming.

I am the Director and Regional Chair (DRC) for Region IX from July 2014 through June of 2017 and I hope see the passion and energy of the members of Region IX. It is a great place to share the ASHRAE experience.

Blake Ellis, Director and Regional Chair

Past DRC's - Region III
Predecessor to Region IX

John E Haines, 1956
A. B. Algren, 1957
Fred Janssen, 1958-1962

Past DRC's - Region IX

J. W. Thompson, 1963-1966
B. H. Spurlock, Jr., 1966-1969
R. R. Goodwin, Jr., 1969-1972
Robert D. Pagliasotti, 1972-1975
G. Bryan Drennan, 1975-1978
James L. Mutum, 1978-1981
Richard G. Supple, 1981-1984
Larry Staples, 1984-1987
Larry Jenkins, 1987-1990
Steve Ivesdal, 1990-1993
Bill Koperski, 1993-1996
Ken Clark, 1996-1999
Arden Davis, 1999-2002
Tim Wentz, 2002-2005
David Olson, 2005-2008
Rich Rose, 2008 - 2011
Richard Bowman, 2011 - 2014
Blake Ellis, 2014 - Present